subject matter

each and every subject running between my eyesplaying ping pong, tennis, raquetball within my mind toying with emotion, hiding information, craving temptation & feeding frustration each and every subject, focal point of admiration yet borderline breakdown of too much truth seeks too many lies sought each and every subject remains blocked secured held at gun point quivering hips shivering lips goosebump manipulated imprints to my heart to my soul to my insides each and every subject exhausting my energy has me.. has.. me

has me losing train of thought stranded at this deserted station searching for a sign, a driver, an answer? but all i get is a tumbleweed attacking the tracks vs a phone booth craving a taste of my breath, lips brushing lightly pause. dial tone.

where was i again? oh yeah, lost in thought lost in thought lost in thought

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