all of these thoughts,haunting my supposed strength nagging my mind like an award to be won scenery change, scenario change i need a breath of fresh air flee this town and be someone new me without you or you & especially you. jumping adulthood. craving career passion. somewhere along the lines i lost my passion. someone, somewhere i'd rather be someone, somewhere else. frustration lingers boggles my mind strong resume weak money no passion sucked dry

i'd love to drink coffee in london read poetry in italy hug rosaries in india live a love affair in paris forget myself in amsterdam & find myself in memories.

i need to do something i need that spark.

talk myself into something further and further growing further and further away from myself.

where did all this temperance come from

just thoughts not poetry no motion just me, without me. tears cleansing emotions forging smiles continue forward. as i always do. as i always do. as i always do. as i always do. as i always do. as i always do.




as i always do.

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