can you hear me now?

hearts racing, breath growing short.mind fixated on a metal object tearing two realities envision your body from the scruff of your chin to the palm of your hands and curve of your back mixed signals of, what are you wearing.. turned, take it off. rid your beautiful canvas from this suffocation. free the insecurites and cue the intrigue pause. wait for a response.. tick tock. phone goes off. the taste of your lips and tone of your sigh high, i think i am high from your charm i want to memorize your arms and visualize your chest as you gently yet seductively pull me in closer and closer to form this beautiful picture as if my body were the oils your canvas was lacking. pause. wait for the response.. tick tock, phone goes off. the silky smooth yet strong silhouette every curve, every scent, even the small of your back has my senses in a haze dazed and infatuated craving your hands upon my breast and tongue caressing my neck [nibble a little yet not too much] pause. wait for response.. tick tock, phone goes off. i wish i could feel you next to me, on top of me, inside of me, with me. a beautiful melody of lust & vocabulary.. Innocent yet greedy animal like. pause. wait for response.. tick tock. phone goes off.