i know not how to feel anymore, what to say or what to hide, when to speak or when to listen.  a confusion lingers in between morning coffee and evening wine, empty bottles piling to overshadow the question mark haze or jagged marks upon my skin from memories i thought i had forgotten. over hearing gossip, candle burning to rid the evil spells i believe has been casted upon my past - haunting and taunting and throwing up goosebump driven truth. ring finger shivering with a bitter sweet blue type of love sonnet within myself.  hard to speak, almost impossible to find the words or the strength to believe my gut driven hidden meaning.  read between the lines, this girl never speaks truth.. mere rhetorics. running on empty within this gold spun web of truth, lies, truth, lies, freedom at arms length but to grasp it.. i can almost grassspppp it..

i'd give almost anything.

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