love chemistry

late night conversation,breaking down each & every moment like a surgeon an emotion driven surgeon on this hunt for a perfect love affair; a perfect combination of one chemistry mix two dilute this and add a little here or there.. avoid the melodramatics of confusion no one needs confusion but we need intrigue.. so pour that entire flask in the mix of love me, like me, friend me, fuck me, dump me. where do i fall in this, fit for a, category to love..

s o  w e  c o n t i n u e . attempting to perfect. craving a bottled love.

add some food for thought so that we may never grow tired. boredom is unnecessary in love vulgar, really.. a boring love. how depressing.. so add some dessert and avoid that bland nutrition wine, don't forget the wine and the rum? no, its too early for the rum... much too strong of a mixture to form a balanced sort of love. we'd kill eachother from an irrational love a d d   t h a t   1 5 1 . a drunken love. a refreshing love. an addictive love.

sans the hangover. how to avoid a hungover love? the, creeeeeep outta the bedroom at 5am type of love tip toe, tip toe, CAUGHT! add some mint leaves and iron to avoid the headache & maybe an invisible shield to skip out on that awkward "morning after conversation" there is no room for headaches when dealing w/ love unless we're talking that in between the sheets vocal romance.. a knife to the throat type of bloody murder scream. ecstasy exhaustion ecstasy exhaustion

i am exhausted.

s o  w e  c o n t i n u e . attempting to perfect. craving a bottled love.

we'd kill over our entire paycheck for the mere taste of.. this perfected love. an awkward love meets born again love. love. we never talk anymore 'bout nothin 'sept love..