where did this impatience come from?this, need for life. need to breathe in a next guess craving something, different. sitting in silence for the first time in what seems ages.. have i ever just, appreciated the moment? forgetting background noise or the let down in your voice from earlier today i fall in love w/ an image i build up to merely find myself let down, personally. but you, you are different.. different to the point of being untouchable for fear of ruining such, perfection. a quirky perfection.. but nonetheless.. an imperfect perfection i've heard someone say.. waiting for my wood floors to dry so i may continue moving this fuzzy feng shai of a house maybe that will cure this uneasy mindset this, unsettled fixation..

my heart is in search of something but i remain lost along the path with all that soundtrack of you..& you.. & you.. & me even i need to forget everything and move forward freely i think i've put myself in a situation i can't flee from i want to leave this place and never look back.

because i can. because i can. because i need to.