something about you keeps me yearning for wordsurging to write my thoughts and document each phrase like i have something to prove within my own mind of musing a muse. dissapearing acts.. if you are anything like me, i completely get it. bored and emotionally bruised.. walking in a haze of ideas formed questions of, where and why and how and any other nouns necessary in search of an adjective to cling to beautiful, intense, addictive.. something about your voice had me dumbfounded feeling as if i had known you in a previous life a spiritual connection 2 souls met to form this modern day nonsense no one understands, even when they claim to. so i remain quiet.. collected.. naive a guard up filled w/ a sense of hate i hate you for opening my mind i hate you for leaving me blind i hate you for making me hate something someone to the point of loving them unconditionally. in a non sexual sort of way this modern day friendship spiritual connection no one gets it anyway.

so why keep going?

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