read between my lines.

i used to do this book with taide.her and i became friends through it really. inspiring one another. she was my muse. she still is actually, shes been in a rut lately and so have i.. but we're both leaving it. opening our eyes, to life.. again. we called it "ts" top secret - turned taide & sheena. a little black book we took everywhere no one knew what it was but everyone wanted to. photos of nonsense, two words here and three words there scribbles sketches tears smiles & memories

it saved us.

fed ex small messages "ts is ts" "scumbags are scumbags" made butterflies in my stomach exist again until one day we tore it up and decided to start over but never did. we tried doing it with a few other friends like that sisterhood of the traveling pants movie but with a book. until i caught myself censoring words & thoughts & roughing it in another book before spilling emotion to the magical book everything it was meant for, i was avoiding. too many people would know my insides. so i boycotted my own idea and we searched a new source to give away to, but not too much. no one ever really wants to know too much kills the mystery of an individual. now we use wordpress. and it feels as if the computer just doesn't capture the feelings as forward and free and honest.. as we had before. just an idea. but not all ideas work. august has been an intense month. ive been inspired to write more than i ever have  &  with many different sources. i tell secrets through my words but i jump subjects and when i reread i realize it can be meant for anyone really.

pay attention.

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