a beautiful fake,we tend to recite these same lines over and over, in a solo casted play within ourselves. amongst ourselves, boycotting any other but oneself.. stars cast for burned out actors portraying characters we'd hope to be, someday, if only. forgetting to feel anything too intense or too "out there" - dumbing oneself down deeper and deeper, craving a sense of naive character. . for the simple fact we crave to fit into this picture perfect mold of s o c i e t y . come knocking. come knocking. society, come knocking! fake smiles upon fake smiles as we pass one another by.. acting as if we cared for those 2.3 seconds we crossed paths, entered one anothers lives, then proceeded forward. forgetting, everything. frowning.. continuing to just exist. until the next stranger crosses into our "personal space".. forcing a fake smile upon a solid face 'cause we were taught to do so. 'cause our upbringing states we must act as if we care.. when in truth, some might but most don't & probably never will. s o c i e t y, comes knocking comes knocking society, comes knocking! POUNDING ON THE DOOR!

i'd like to break the mold and mutter a hello, but i'm afraid i might victimize my stranger of a friend and bring him or her to their knees from pure fright filled exhaustion when forced to reply a shaky "uhh.. hi...?" continue forward.. cracked smiles, bruised lips, rosy cheeks, full of shit, we're all full of shit. we're all full of shit. s o c i e t y. come knocking. come knocking. SOCIETY COME KNOCKING POUND THROUGH THE DOOR!

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