boggled thoughts. times, an overcrowded mind confuses the hearts affirmation and may blind your vocabulary keeping you tongue tied.. leaving you scrambling for the right words.. any words.. leaving you with all the wrong words.. looking for strength to throw up ...the insecurities and run with it. awkward pause and all.. testing testing.. is this thing on? ..sidetracked, im sidetracked. my pops always told me i feel things stronger than others.. i take on emotions, pain, love, excitement... from others as if they were my own.  i'm just in a funk right now.. and my painting and i are having a staring contest again. im about ready to paint over the sob & call it a day.. but i've done that 5 times to now and if i paint over it one more time, it'll merely be a wasted canvas.  fuk.
"send it out to the universe, whatevers meant to be.. will be" - samantha james