f r i d a y s

pink champagne, ruffles, love letters & dramatic eyelasheshigh waisted skirts, even higher heels, baby fish nets & bright lips black coffee w/ red velvet cake for breakfast nude fingernails & citrus fragrance.. cupcakes, dance parties, memories & friendship..

 have you ever had that rush of energy that lasts? fridays do this to me. as each day does, but especially fridays..

girls weekend in vegas to celebrate love. my hot chic christina who is an amazing woman is marrying her college best friend turned lover turned future, and we are celebrating our friendship and her next step, in life.

christina & joey

its beautiful. she's beautiful. they're beautiful. we're beautiful together. memories in the moment.

coffee. excitement. champagne brunch & crazy ass nights.. i leave you with a playlist fillin my ears today :







C L I C K & L  I  S  T  E  N

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