3 6 5 days & a mile to cross

i just realized today,that i am dying. each breathe i take a step closer to not & depressing factor sets in i look forward to the moment i no longer exist not for the reality of those missing me but the fact i am a part of a cycle.. its beautiful really

each day, each embrace each hug each kiss each fuck each tear shed each conversation had each friend met each fight spat temporary mindsets flourishing living so quickly vibrantly waiting for the day we are met w/ reality

i've met w/ death for a 2am conversation caught in the moment, a sense of relief almost.. ready to go yet hoping he'd reconsider for human needs & materialistic, "not ready to go yet" type of endeavor he brought a sense of.. substance to my life calm to my heart chills to my spine to liven me up straighten me out live my life according to my past wants and needs innocence & intrigue embracing reality as only a mere, day to day.. politically correct propoganda

oh how i'd give anything to boycott reality forever.

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