2 seconds ago i was smiling

i have found my imagination running wildagain, freely.. awkwardly flowing images & portraying thoughts of delicate type of passionate nothings sweet, bittersweet nothings. fingers tracing hip bones and intermingling senses in between locks of finely curled hair and eyes locking to the point i lose focus and trip over lost words of secrets not meant to grace my lips

i heard a song that reminded me of you i felt dirty almost for thinking of you in that light. expectations bringing up an insecure memory my mood has been fluctuating between.. weighing the possibilities whether.. i should run away now and avoid the heart broken pitter patter

i think i'll retract, watch quietly from the back of the room.. and get lost in the moon

my palms are itching hand me the bottle i'd like to get lost in the in between blur my memory, numb my insides forget the loneliness creeping inside creeping inside taunting my mind

smile hide continue forward.