cleanin out the closet

[blast from the past : written - 08 July, 2007]  

Inapprehensive gesture focused toward your ill faded nature this illusion i have formed of our "perfect world" is over crowded with reality.

Inspector has given up the last bit of hope and our whimsical daydreams have now taken toll I wish you knew what you do to me, each and every day.. Growing closer and closer with a sense of envious insanity yet further and further away from rememberance of when this began.

I once had you in the palm of my hand

I once had you in the palm of my hand

but that was the problem.


Malicious, delicious, nutritious indeed – (please…) Craving that adventure of finger grasping love and continuing forward with a greed so thick you would think i have starved for years Indescribable touch, more than just a fuck. The words are hopeless and yet still no thoughts on giving up you see.. i am casually listing attributes as a resume for breakup  :

       painfully daring

       thoughtfully caring.

       entirely scared and

       queezy to the point of fainting..

       this love is insane

       and im falling..


       this fight, this fight, it isn't right!!

       I'm losing.

       I'm abusing.

       Am I confusing you?

       good, because honestly..

i haven't made sense for years. i haven't made sense since you.. i haven't made sense and wish on every star that i could forget you move forward as if we never existed.. wipe my mind clean as that one movie you took me to see.. remember? oh, do you remember...

Reality vs. me. (in between the sheets) hybernating and praying never to wake up. Mystical adventures to Never-Never-land I need a friend to turn to I need a helping hand

I wish I had ..

I wish I had ..

Fantasy vs. realism (its just not what it used to be..) Your note is off tune. Your part is off cue. What has happened to us lately?? Not even worth it to be my muse. Yet for some confusing reason,

I miss you.



i really fucking miss you.