a lovers forecast, what shall i wear today?

[blast from the past : written -- 21 June 2007]

its insane.

half given forth driven personally inspired at the simple thought of you. we over stepped that block


& crowded all of our thoughts as if the forecast wasn't hazy enough?

instilled in this fixture of where oh where we are exactly driving.. this roadtrip called love versus reality the artist grasping his paintbrush.. attempting to perfect our picture yet, as time proceeds and my heart keeps this steady beat an occasional badumpumpump...


is thrown in the mix and confuses me. once again. rosy cheeks goosebumps and butterflies from my shaggy bangs i forgot to straighte to the barefoot souls of my feet i forgot to cover and im daydreaming the next chance we say hello..

have you thought of me today? what about yesterday? no, better yet... hows tomorrow looking? will you think of me then?

i bumped my head & half insane like left my jumbled mind.. eruh eruh scratch this rhyme.. i need that health insurance to pay for that prescribed signature.. dr. love!! where the hell are you!? what do i do? i have you and you and you... on my mind recycling that of

that of...

what i forced to leave behind i thought and imagined myself over you, or was it under you? no wait.. thats another story for another story telling some other time.. yes some other..

my heart is confused do i love you? do i need you? do i want you? or will i forget you? as i have done with all the others.. who fucking knows anymore