People say karma's a bitch.& i agree.. but ya know what.. i'm sick of being nice, i'm tired of putting everyone every other God forsaken emotion first. before my own. i want to be selfish

i crave this hedonistic mind striving for only what makes my insides purr. suffer.. purr. i don't want to ever, ever, never, ever again.. let my mind, control my insanity allow my conscience, control my vanity block the drug like swoon i feel when avoiding reality i need my artist intended mindset back. back, a permanent fix to this "day to day mundane, karma driven routine" i want to fucking live freely emotionally dramatically instinctively "matter o' factly" & the next time i hear "karma is a bitch, my dear" i'm gonna slap them in the face with the facts as it states

karma's only a bitch, if you are. & i've been too fucking nice for far too long.

so scram. ya  borin'  me

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