so if you know me at all.. you know i've done this time & time before.. "take the book in between your hands and feel the canvas.. let it speak to you as more than a mere object.. wait til the timing feels rigt & open.. whatever you read is your advice for this moment"

now remember it only works if you swear its the first thing you look at!!

here's mine, now you go try it : 


“And I have dreamed that the satisfaction is not so much                 changed . . . . and that there is no life without satisfaction; What is earth?  What are the body and soul without satisfaction?

I shall go with the rest, We cannot be stopped at a given point . . . . that is no                 satisfaction; To show us a good thing or a few good things for a space of                 time – that is no satisfaction; We must have the indestructible breed of the best, regardless of                 time.

If otherwise, all these things came but to ashes of dung; If maggots and rats ended us, then suspicion and treachery and                 death.”

…Leaves of Grass : First Edition – Walt Whitman : Page 107

 I did it again.. cause i'm addicted & 

Got this :


Look it up, if you’re interested.  Gonna go paint

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