a good, new, life altering day

Life is too short.  No one to blame.  I want to continue this empowering feeling, this.. amazing emotion, this energy flowing through my veins of being.  Like I told T, I want to bottle it up and keep it forever, only breathing in its essence at the most needed moment.. keep this inspiration forever.  No strings, No haunting, No bad feelings or threats of karma, No background noise, no jibber jabber, no in between.. just me, completely.

I read this book at anthropologie, I’m thinkin’ of goin back to get it… it was a book devoted to living life in the sense of giving you tips to go outside of your comfort zone.  I never thought I was living “comfortably” until late.. and the second I stepped out of that safety net, yeah I made myself vulnerable but I also felt reborn.  I feel alive, deathly afraid, yet alive.  FREE TO BE ME.  And one page in the book consisted of doing things you’ve never really done, not HUGE things.. simple things you can get done today.. like, dancing in the middle of the street for 2 minutes, just because.. now, I don’t really feel like risking lives, [especially mine] as I’ve mentioned before I lack health insurance [however, Compton did just open a free clinic for dentistry as well as health, I think I’m gonna go wait in that line.. no lie] But.. I want to do something less cliché.. Hmm..

I’m going to write that letter, breathe in, press send, breathe out.. breathe it alllll ouutttt… then leave it up to the universe.  I am being open and free, naïve, “dumb” yet alive. ME. & this is all I have to offer.

Happy Wednesday, Meteor Shower tonight…