random thoughts

A best friend of mine I’ve grown up with is moving to Hawaii in a week.  Tonight is her going away bash, come get lei’d as you enter the front door as it’s a tad island inspired.. a bittersweet feeling.  I miss you and you and will miss you more than you guys know but I’m so excited for your life change; tad selfish but more supportive.  I like having friends I’m proud to say I know.

Is it difficult being a muse?  Found out I’m possibly one to someone.. I’ve never been a muse, to my knowledge.  I do the muse calling.  I’ve mused ya, as you amused me, and most of the time I used ya until inspiration ran dry.. but there’s something different this time, unless I’m just speaking too soon.  My ways are changing, I’m growing up.  I don’t want to use you and leave as I hope you aren’t doing to me.  Only time will tell & at least we’ll get some pretty amazing work done in the process.

My face isn’t peeling anymore [lol]  its crazy to think how something as simple as curling your hair or putting on blush can make your day feel that much more put together after a week of “roughing it”.  I may be a free spirit, but I’m a tad high maintenance on my own part.  I don’t even know why you guys question me about the things I do anymore.. I’m into all this shit.  Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Chemical Peels, Cholonics, Yoga, Meditation, Walking Labyrinth’s, Balancing your Chai, Vegetarian lifestyle, etc etc.. its me, always has been, I simply haven’t been as verbal about it until late.

Music is good… driving with it up loud as I drown out pollution and just meditate in a sense is even better.. I love the drives from LB to the HD, makes me feel something.

I need coffee.  Good morning.