a friend wrote me this & only we will know the source.  i dig raw honesty.  Spiritual in that sense. Yes.

In a way that every poem, every work of art you make will have at least one mind to speak to.

In a way that when the world squeezes you dry panic-all-is-lost-I-am-nothing-curled-up-moosh there will be someone who understands what is is like to put your heart out there and have it milked brown and rotten by the snakes and rats of this world.

Words create confusion. A mixed bag of subtle implications. A man and woman soul mate. Complete honesty is needed. No expectations, no desire. Openness. Freedom. Finally! No shit, no unnecessary pain, no drama, no control, no jealously. Fuck sex. Complimentary male and female energies, ying and yang, free to dance without weights.

This is all I can offer.

Complete transparency, a long beautiful conversation, before the end of a sunset.

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