people watching

so i have an obsession w/ journals.. i am infatuated. if you are confused as to what to purchase me for christmas, birthdays, or "just because" ;) ... journals, you can never go wrong.  so i've been organizing my house and rearranging things to cut some stress, the feng shai is a tad aggravating.. and i came across this : honestly,

its pretty hilarious watching people. the way we all act - as if this role we're all auditioning for were being cast. seeing those in the public vs. those in their "business world"

it's amusing.

the "too good attitudes" or those "overly nice" [you hardly comes across those types anymore..] but no matter the personality clause.. if i open the door for you, say thank you.. it's not too damn hard. fat fingers.

to sum it up - everyone leads their own, seperate lifes a private life no one sees, but you.. & thats the person you truly are.

when you believe no one is looking.. but someone always is.

dedicated to : rude people & 30 minute lunches at Borders Coffee Shop written : 03 april, 2008 inspiration : possibly you.

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