existing in this world, stressing a thought oncepracticed as a motive.. a mission to stay intuned with not only a past, present, future type of scenario but a way of life, has dead and gone. & i miss it, the little "it" i've had the blessing to experience we model our citizenship off of dollar amounts and superficial tendencies "Americas Next Top, Next Biggest Loser of, Last Man Standing... Where?" not for truth, this I witnessed first hand in a nation once envied now existing with a lazy pursuit the true quest. how much can i get with out.. having to truly do a damn thing. let alone "do the damn thing" ashamed. yet comfortable. because words spoken don't mean shit unless a mic is to witness but i find myself catching that "United States Stage Fright" to the point of sounding redundant. sittin pretty, merely existing, a revolution in the making. yet somewhere along the lines we were trained to run scared New Muslamic President expected to repair all this unprepared on his own? we talk a big game & rally in those troops for 3 months leading to election.. then dismerse dissapear. picket signs retired until the next 4 years boycotting antics once so strongly provoked form nonexistant. now, excuse me while i go grab a glass of wine and sit on my ass for the next 5 hours. but when i want to complain, ya better listen because I AM AN AMERICAANNN. can't? we can.. yes we can. there i go, sounding redundant again.

dedicated to : us written : 25 january, 2009 inspiration : wine & carmel.

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