once upon a time, you were him

pour me another glass ofcheap, yet therapeautic wine forcing emotions to be confronted in between weak sighs of hope for memory loss. i wish they had a rehab for the hopeful alcoholics i want to drink the memories & drink the insignificance i call love. got me buying "psychic" books & sage plants to forecast a possible answer & rid my aura of these heartbroken spirits nagging at my soul visualize a pretty picture.. answers to questions & alarm making love too routine & passion starved for this blood.. I choose the windy road for reasons unknown but one day, i'll figure it out maybe i'll never figure "us" out but i'll be ok. i'll be ok. i will, be ok.... my question is, will you be?

dedicated to : a broken record type of love affair written : 25 january, 2009 inspiration : vacationing in carmel after running into him & cleansing my mind, for the final time.