boxed wine half empty of wine too deep rapidly pouring myself liquid inspiration to avoid reality you inspire me so i lurk & i grow inspired so i fixate momentary lapse of judgment had me had me at an anxiety attack 6 months old panic attack upon panic attack yet panic attack only thing feeling like home these days.. so damn sick of writing about love &... the love i wish i'd love &.. i won't tell you anyhow so let's avoid the pretense save a breath or two and manipulate the canvas instead of chancing a bruised ego mix me a stronger drink after i finish this bottle of a focused motive.. find me, caught in between a living photograph. the "mama" of the bunch forced to smile accordingly hugging & hugging & hugging & flee... past photographic memories of moments i miss fake smiles or? even if she was a bitch i miss the moments.. i can't write anymore i'm boycotting the verbiage.

good night.

dedicated to : writers block written : 13 april, 2009 – monday inspiration : wine opening minds & a picture i came across now burning holes in my eyes