a new mindset

daydreaming motivesboycotting realistic thoughts truth bringing emotions too deep times like these form a time i'd like to run away within my mind making each & every desire completely mine locking myself up in between fantasy and surreal closing out the polluted stares of negativity of judgment of insecurities this world is taught to practice & preach & practice & preach & break the sequence. i am free free to feel each and every emotion exactly as i would have intended to without all the background noise making me, casually uptight more like..scared. scared to feel something worth feeling when not feeling worthy enough. easily broken slightly mended and torn rough edges building character from decisions past and gone i am feeling something i've wanted to feel and i'm not sure if i'd like to continue talking myself out of this emotion. making myself believe i do not deserve to feel this way. frightened. & a little insecure. ignorance. i am choosing a subsequent mind leave me blinded completely raw. i want to feel each bump, bruise, tear, smile, break, mend, laugh, kiss, touch, caress, you,


you. if at all possible.