to you :

silent stareswhispering thoughts gut driven anxiety attack forming a repetitive tick tock silent, blow up walking past one another looking straight ahead small talk w/ a once upon a time, best friend loud laughter filled phone calls as if something to prove continuing forward running so fast glimpsing back only to prove you are now unattached shadow complex you claim to live through individualistic needs boycotting the right to feel forgetting foundation & ignoring the point no matter what your mind believes i love you you love me background noise manipulative tones friends acting as a.. filler to this hole you've formed this gap you've drawn this life you've closed me out of no words to even begin to describe the pain you are bringing to my insides and i'll never be the one to make you see i'm giving you your space and letting you be free from the labels we've formed & images we've drawn i'll meet you in the future ears wide open eager to learn of this journey you are rapidly seeking away from me, far far away from me not even strong enough to admit your truth

unconditional love eternal, forever even if to mean living life without you. i'll be here, waiting arms stretched wide for the day you realize i never meant to hurt you


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