2:32am thursday morning

in love with being lost in translationconjuring a feeling filled emotion hazy thoughts welcoming insecurities & insomnia returns with a new focus a new set of anxious driven pleas falling to my knees, yet to pray pray for sanity to move forward another blessed day of breathing in.. breathing out.. bless me lord to continue.. breathing in.. breathing out.. beats manipulating extremities elementary worthy foreshadows depicting my next step weepy shoulders and cotton candy lips bitten until bleeding with vanity that salty taste i once was used to dripping focus dropping focus dripping motives dropping greed loving the heartbroken tendency yet.. my heart remaining tact my knees remaining strong shivers trickling down my spine ever so forcefully, as if to prove their existance whispering winds narrating a dreamers foe realistic soundtrack my realistic soundtrack.. a pisces mind i call home boycotting sleep for another 43 hours avoiding my dreams