FUNERAL PARADE is an active canvas for the independent eye and deep thinking creative. Launched in 2010 by industry wanderers, Sheena Snyder and Taide Kennedy, their love for the esoteric, ethereal, and uninspired moments act as a catalyst for Funeral Parade’s annual publication.  We hope to visually vocalize a unique message through each carefully curated page via conceptual story-lines, intimate artist features, and collaborative energy; intended for the creative & uninspired.

The Funeral Parade team evolves per issue, with a few key-members remaining throughout the pages.  Each member, feature, and spread is a direct reflection to the raw sense of wanderlust mentality and free spirited nature encompassed with Funeral Parade.  If interested in taking part, do contact us, we are always open to connecting with new, vibrant minds.

Funeral Parade is currently available through our website and READBUG, available in the app store.


With our seventh issue currently under way, our directional theme for this issue will be toward the oxy-moronic idea of negative meets positive: circus antics. We hope to deliver a message that transcends the magical realm of imagination with the hedonistic realm of inner-thought and obsessive indulgence. Set to release late 2016, online, alongside a set of limited-edition printed copies, available for purchase through the boutique.


Funeral Parade boutique is a newly launched venture with the concept, “for the mind, body, and spirit” – we are focusing on bringing handcrafted artisan products with feel good vibes to our tribe. If interested in becoming a vendor, feel free to contact us with information on your brand, a lookbook/linesheet, or web link to view.